• Frequently Asked Questions

    ENS is a naming system built on the Ethereum blockchain. Where DNS (Domain Name System) is designed to resolve domain names to IP addresses, ENS was built as a way of easily resolving domain names to cryptocurrency addresses. This means that the use and exchange of cumbersome Ethereum blockchain addresses such as 0x89205A3A3b2A69De6Dbf7f01ED13B2108B2c43e7 can be replaced by the use of more human-friendly hostnames such as ensdom.eth.


    The origins of an Ethereum-based naming system can be traced back to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s 2013 whitepaper for the blockchain. The first formally-documented attempt at developing what would ultimately become ENS is found in EIP-137 as authored by Nick Johnson in April of 2016 and launched as ENS in 201.


    ENS domains are the most sought after forms of crypto and web3 identity. You should get your ENS domain TODAY if you want to use your favourite online identity name in Web3 and Apps. ENS domains have attracted many people whom are buying the names for resale aka domain squatters. To prevent your name from being taken, buy it yourself today. Top names like sam.eth have sold for 100Ξ (US$~120,000).


    ENS is now also widely recognised as having won the race for being the Web3 identity standard. The competitiors of Unstoppable domains, handshake domains, Solana Name Service have much less community recognition and names registed. In Aug 2022, ENS has crossed 2,000,000 names registered and counts over 100,000 twitter accounts with .eth in their profile name.

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    for 1 year registration

    We will buy and transfer to your wallet your chosen ENS name in 24 hours.


    Please ensure that you have found an available ENS name via https://app.ens.domains



    for 1 year registration

    We will buy and hold your chosen ENS name in our cold Wallet and show you proof of ownership.


    Additional cost when transferring to your wallet later.


    Please ensure that you have found an available ENS name via https://app.ens.domains

    Self Registration


    for 5 years

    You can self register at https://app.ens.domains yourself if you have Ether and a Wallet.


    If you have both of those and are willing to learn the process, we recommend this method.